Loose Herbs


Loose herbs have long been a valuable commodity and can be used for countless things to benefit us. Here at Terry’s Naturals, we carry a wide assortment of loose herbs for all of your teas, face masks, potpourri, oils, and any other ways you’d like to use them!

Terry’s Natural Market’s offering of dried herbs and teas are sourced and grown by trusted farmers from all over the globe. Available in 1/2oz and 1oz quantities!

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What Ways Can I Use Loose Herbs?

  • Oils: Ointments, salves, and massage oils can easily be made from herb infused oil–and for cheap!
  • Face masks: Who doesn’t love a good face mask? You can easily use ingredients you’ll find right in your kitchen and adding lose herbs allows you to customize your face mask creation to not only make it more fun, but in a way your skin will thank you for.
  • Tinctures: A quick, easy, effective way to have herbs absorbed into your system is to get the concentrate of the herbs by steeping them with glycerin, vinegar, or alcohol and then taking them straight up or adding them to a beverage of your choice
  • Cleaning: Cleaning products just got a whole lot less expensive! When you make your own cleaning products using herbs, you’re able to customize scent, while making sure the products are free from harsh chemicals and safe for your family. At a fraction of the cost, this DIY method is good for you and your wallet
  • Teas: Probably the most common way people utilize loose leaf herbs, you can steep these herbs, as you would leaves, to make teas that won’t only taste great but have major benefits as well! How to make tea with loose herbs is entirely up to you and your creative mind.
  • Potpourri: Skip the sprays that use all kinds of chemicals and make your very own potpourri with loose herbs. It will leave your house smelling amazing and your senses awake.