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Showing all 9 results

People with limited knowledge regarding CBD often believe that ingestion is the only way for the properties of cannabinoids to render viable. While this may have been true in the early stages of development, nowadays, there are many alternative methods to reap the comfort of CBD without ever having to consume the product directly. If you’re somebody who would rather indulge in a more tactile experience, we have options for you. Our body products range from supplemental bath bombs to nutrient-packed creams. Between our body options and essential oils Colorado Springs and Pueblo locals can now indulge in a full sensory experience using CBD.


Believe it or not, our skin serves as a protective organ. With that in mind, most people would do just about anything to keep it healthy. We offer a variety of different creams and lotions that tackle different areas of your body. It comes as no surprise that our creams and topical products appeal to such a wide subset of customers. Not only can you indulge in the wonderful benefits of CBD, but you can also keep your skin refreshed and replenished as you do. Given that topicals are newer on the timeline of CBD product production, there are usually misconceptions about their efficacy, potency, and bioavailability of creams. 

If you’ve been to the supermarket or pharmacy lately, then you’ve probably noticed a plethora of new body and bath products relating to CBD. As the popularity of CBD increases, so does the demand for newer categories that it can be integrated with. Ever since the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, more commonly referred to as the “Farm Bill”, was passed into law, businesses have widened their approach in marketing and production strategies. This has resulted in a wide range of CBD infused products popping up on shelves all over the country. Some folks might be a little skeptical about using an ointment or other product for their bodies, but with so many committed consumers, it’s hard to ignore their positive reports! Terry’s Natural Market offers a phenomenal lineup of products such as CBD Living Freeze, which is perfect for muscle soreness or general fatigue after a long day or a strenuous activity like exercise. Unlike its commercially available, non-CBD counterparts, you don’t have to worry about a greasy residue or a strange odor after using it. This makes it the perfect bedtime companion and it certainly has the potential to help you get some much-needed rest so that you can properly recover.

The FDA has been slow to approve any CBD related products in any of the known categories that these alternative treatment methods fall under. However, that has not stopped many people from trying them out for themselves and reporting on the superb and beneficial effects that these products can provide consumers. CBD is widely known and recognized as a safer option for consumption than THC because the effects are much more subtle and not as strong, nor as psychoactive. No CBD product that is free of THC will provide you with the “high” feeling that accompanies THC consumption. However, CBD retains a plethora of properties that aid in many ailments similar to those that can be treated with THC. Therefore, CBD is quickly becoming the preferred method for those seeking alternative treatment methods that can be safely consumed without any negative side effects or psychoactive experiences. CBD has been reported to aid with those suffering from anxiety, unbalanced weight, stress, depression, pain, inflammation, and many more commonly experienced ailments! With the advent of more modern technology, those wishing to try CBD can now consume it without having to smoke it. Body products have steadily been coming out in recent years, and their quality has only improved. While they aren’t typically as popular as other methods on the market, topical options and body products containing CBD have reportedly been just as, if not more, effective for some individuals. Some of the most popular body products containing CBD come in the form of creams, bath bombs, moisturizers, balms, and even nasal inhalers.

  • Bath Bombs – One of the best CBD bath bombs currently on the market is none other than Fizzies by Dani! If you’re new to bath bombs, don’t be fooled! This seemingly redundant and pointless ball with slowly dissolve into your bathwater and will give off a pleasant aroma while it fizzes. Once your body has had an adequate amount of time to soak in the water with the bath bomb, you will begin to benefit from its many beneficial properties. Experiences vary between customers, but many consumers have reported relief with joint swelling, acne, cramps, psoriasis, eczema, nerve pain, inflammation, and much more! These are the perfect bath companion and there’s nothing better than a pleasantly smelling, hot bath after a stressful day to help you relax. Pick up some Fizzies by Dani and Terry’s Natural Markey and see what all the fizz is about!
  • CBD Patch – Are you always on the go and possibly unable to consume CBD by conventional means? Are you stuck at work in an environment that frowns upon such activity? Then check out the CBD Living Patch! The best thing about CBD patches is that they can be custom tailored to each individual consumer based on the location of their pain or discomfort. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing pain in your legs, back, neck, arms, or shoulder. Simply apply the patch directly to the location on your body where you’re dealing with the majority of your ailment, and the CBD Living Patch will provide you with up to 96 hours of targeted pain, inflammation, and stress relief. This is the ideal product for someone who prefers an approach that is “out of sight, out of mind” once completed. Stop by today and see why our patch is right for you!
  • CBD Cream – Myaderm has created what is arguably one of the best lines of CBD cream products on the market. These creams come in a variety of specializations. Everything from pain relief, to advanced skin care, to wrinkle treatment. You can shop around for the best strength for you, because they come in a wide spectrum of potencies that are clearly labeled on the front of each bottle so you know exactly what you’re paying for! Simply apply the uniquely formulated, nongreasy cream to the desired location on your body. Once it has been completed rubbed in and soaked into your skin, you will begin to benefit from what some consumers say is a “magnificent experience of assistance”. Pain, skin conditions, wrinkles, and even inflammation have all been reported to have been effectively treated with Myaderm’s skin care products!

While the jury is still out on whether or not these products are truly beneficial, many consumers swear by them and continue to purchase them on a daily basis. As with any alternative treatment method, it is strongly recommended that you get an expert medical opinion before using any of these products. Everyone is unique, and not everyone’s body will respond to alternative methods the same. Some folks may not notice much of a change in their current condition, while others will experience enough that they believe these products are more effective than any previously taken course of action given to them by their local physician. The choice always falls on the consumer, and while our products have been thoroughly tested and the quality of them is guaranteed, we still respect the boundary between modern medicine, and alternative treatments.