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What Essential Oil is Good for Anxiety?

lavender essential oil

 If you’ve considered alternative treatments for some of your ailments, then you’ve probably stumbled upon articles indicating aromatherapy and its researched benefits to medical issues. There are a plethora of essential oils on the market, and each of them has been found to assist with a variety of factors that we experience during our daily lives. If you’re wondering what essential oil is good for anxiety, then the first one you’re likely to encounter is lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil

 As one of the most popular aromatherapy choices for anxiety, lavender essential oil contains several anxiolytic properties. Anxiolytics are a common group of drug classes such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and benzodiazepines, which are commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders. Unlike its physical drug counterparts, the lavender essential oil may be inhaled through aromatherapy in order to induce similar benefits that would be experienced if one took prescribed medication. If you’re not a fan of the scent of lavender or you want to consider other options, then you’ll be happy to learn that there’s lots of other choices out there on the market.

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lavender essential oil

Citrus Essential Oil

For those interested in a more energizing scent, orange or citrus essential oil can provide a strong, but surprisingly sweet scent. This oil slightly differs from lavender essential oil, because it heightens the scenes while simultaneously providing anxiety relief. This increase in alertness, combined with the calming effects of the anxiolytic properties, results in a steady and balanced mood that is perfect for grounded yourself or meditation. If you go with a citrus essential oil, be prepared for a strong scent. If you prefer a more subtle scent, then there’s another option on the market that you may enjoy.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

One of the gentlest scents provided by an essential oil currently available is sandalwood. Sandalwood essential oil comes from the roots of the East Indian Sandalwood tree, also known as the Santalum album. This essential oil is commonly known to be both warm and earthy and contain anxiolytic properties that can aid with anxiety if inhaled or applied topically. Lavender essential oil and Sandalwood share similar properties in their abilities to calm anxiety, and they both have fairly subtle scents. However, many people state that Sandalwood is one of the easiest scents to enjoy through aromatherapy.


There are over a dozen essential oils on the market that can be used to treat anxiety. The three listed above are simply suggestions based on research and popularity. As with any alternative treatment, it’s important to do your own research in order to determine if that method is right for you. Lavender essential oil, citrus essential oil, and sandalwood essential oil are all highly rated and praised by consumers for their calming abilities. However, aromatherapy is a subjective method of treatment, and you might find that you prefer other essential oils. Give us a call or stop in today and let our highly qualified staff assist you with finding the perfect essential oil for your situation!