Earthly Body Essential Oils – Patchouli


This earthy blend of patchouli, clove, tea tree peppermint, and orange makes for a versatile oil that can be used before you head to work in the morning to set your day off smoothly. Or if life is presenting some challenges, Long lasting 100% pure essential oils will detoxify your living space with their aromatic therapeutic properties.

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Our essential oils are the perfect way to naturally soothe your mind, body and soul. We offer 100% vegan oils that can be used on their own or blended for an amazing variety of purposes! Our blends include everything from relaxation (perfect before bedtime!), meditation in a diffuser or by adding it directly into bath water; cleaning around the house with eco-friendly products just became a lot easier (and will smell amazing) as well.

Patchouli is used as a natural remedy for dry skin and other ailments. It not only improves your complexion but also soothes an itchy or irritated surface by calming down inflammation, redness from any kind of irritation like acne breakouts. Patchouli essential oils have been found to be especially helpful when applied topically before bedtime because they provide feelings of calm relaxation at night time.

Very earthy and grounding, this patchouli essential oil recipe has been said to leave your skin looking great when applied topically, as well as assist with blemishes. Patchouli is also commonly used to make perfumes as it blends seamlessly with many other oils. 


– A diffused Patchouli and Lavender or Ylang Ylang mixture can create a serene environment.

– Place a few drops onto your favorite body lotion and take advantage of Patchouli’s invigorating scent and moisturizing benefits.

– You can add a few drops of this oil to your facial wash or moisturizer for fresh, clean, clear looking skin.

– Mix with Orange, Jasmine and Palo Santo essential oils in a roller bottle to create rich woodsy floral scents. Top off your perfume by adding vegetable oil complex.