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Our essential oils are the perfect way to naturally soothe your mind, body and soul. We offer 100% vegan oils that can be used on their own or blended for an amazing variety of purposes! Our blends include everything from relaxation (perfect before bedtime!), meditation in a diffuser or by adding it directly into bath water; cleaning around the house with eco-friendly products just became a lot easier (and will smell amazing) as well.

Lavender essential oil is a universal scent that can be used in many ways. It’s soothing aroma and calming effects make it perfect for almost any occasion, from aromatherapy and massage oils to being used topically or ingested orally. In addition, this powerful liquid contains antioxidants which fight off free radicals responsible for aging skin cells- providing you with healthy and younger looking skin! If you’ve been looking for the best Lavender essential oil, look no further!

Lavender is a timeless favorite, having been used for thousands of years as both an aromatic and medicinal herb. It’s native to the Mediterranean where it belongs with other mint family members and also shares many similarities including its soothing floral scent which can be found throughout history! When you’re looking at ways how lavender essential oil could benefit your skin care routine there are endless possibilities: apply topically after showering for starters.


– Put a few drops in your before bed water, and you’ll enjoy better sleep for occasional insomnia

– Diffusing with orange and cedarwood creates a peaceful atmosphere at bedtime

– The smell is said to help soothe your worries away and promote relaxation, which will leave you feeling refreshed for tomorrow. Try a Lavender massage before bed.

– Add a few drops to bath water along with epsom salt

– Spot treat blemishes and bumps with topically applied Lavender essential oil

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Your skin is a vital organ that needs to be cared for. The Earthly Body Essential Oils can help provide nourishment and strengthen it from the outside-in with ingredients such as hemp, almond, grape seed oil and vitamins E.

Earthly body essential oils are natural olio professional grade massage oil created with 100% pure lavender extract blended with other desired oils of your choice to create a slick glide without greasiness. This product will moisturize and condition the skin not only providing moisture but also helping with stretch marks prevention by adding Vitamin B5 into the mix.

Freshen and soothe your skin with this heavenly body massage oil, blended from the best natural ingredients. Made by an Earthly Body therapist, these oils leave behind a professional glisten without any unwanted residue – so you can’t wash it off! Choose from our delicious scents: unscented, lavender or sandalwood.