Chew Em’s 100MG CBD Bone – Small


Chew Em’s redefines a category that has not changed in decades. What was once a piece of splintering nylon, has been re-engineered to be a safe, healthy and engaging toy.

Made with a proprietary blend of nylons, minerals and vitamins, Chew Em’s are guaranteed to flake and not splinter. Each bone is loaded with healthy ingredients that are essential to your dog’s health.

Key Benefits:

Infused with 100mg of CBD per bone.
No Splintering
Helps with Digestive Issues
Satisfies a Dogs need to chew
Contains Minerals a dog is instinctively attracted to
Provides Vitamin D
Ergonomically designed with more chewing surface.​ Small
Dogs 30-60 lbs.
Size: 4.8″ X 3.6″ X .75″
Weig​ht: 2oz.​​

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Dogs are naturally drawn to chew everything they can get their teeth on, which is why Chew ’ems have become one of our most popular products. These bones are safer than typical marrow or rawhide chews because they’re made from food grade plastic that won’t splinter like nylon does in some cases! Customers love how these toys help calm anxious pups down when nothing else will work – all it takes sometimes is just one good game with your pup’s favorite toy before bedtime for things to get wound down before bed. CBD for hyper dogs has also proven to be not only effective but dogs love the taste of these bones with flavors like Bacon, Beef, Chicken, and Salmon.


These one of a kind bones are packed full of minerals, vitamins, and we even added in an all natural digestive aid that dogs actually need and crave.


Chew ‘Ems are gluten and GMO free, are made with no preservatives, and are made right here in the USA. Each bone contains 100mg of CBD (large or small). 




Size:  4.8″ X 3.6″ X .75″

Weig​ht: 2 oz.​​


Additional Information:

  • Not intended for consumption
  • Ensure you choose the correct size bone for your pup
  • If you notice visible breakage or wear and tear, take away from your pet immediately and replace
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your dog when they are utilizing this product and again, replace bone if extensive damage has been done
  • This bone may not be appropriate for all of our four legged friends

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Bacon, Beef, Chicken, Salmon