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An Introduction to CBD- How and Why It Works

CBD Product

Before we discuss our various options for products, it always helps to get a bit of context into what exactly CBD is. Given its increase in popularity, consumers have understandably become more curious about its inner workings and capabilities. You will find that each of our products at Terry’s Naturals provides an in-depth explanation of the product and its capabilities and general uses. However, in order to understand the full context of our products, here’s the general need to know regarding CBD and CBD manufacturing. 

Let’s begin by going right to the source. Where is CBD legal and are there differences between purchasing CBD in Colorado Springs and Pueblo versus other states? To clarify, let’s make one more important distinction about legality. CBD is not psychoactive, it is non-habit forming and it is not addictive. As a result, it is legal in all 50 states, regardless of its form. 

Whether you purchase CBD in Colorado or a neighboring state, there are no differences in how you obtain it. You are free to choose from various products be it CBD in a high-grade dab formula, or a lower milligram candy. All sales are completely legal. The reason why people will often question the legalities of CBD is because of its relation to marijuana. However, the main difference between CBD and marijuana is the presence of THC.  

What then exactly is CBD? CBD stands for cannabinoid, of which there are many derivatives. CBD in particular is derived from the hemp plant. Because the hemp plant does not contain more than 0.3% of THC it is not classified as a Schedule 1 Substance. Ergo, CBD is not an intoxicant. It is safe to consume, at your leisure, without worrying about psychoactive effects.

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The Benefits of CBD

It is important to clarify that CBD is not a cure in any way, shape, or form. As far as our current collective understanding, CBD can help to alleviate certain symptoms. However, it is entirely up to you how you choose to administer your CBD, in addition to what products you choose to use. We are happy to guide you through that process, and help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and circumstances. 


In recent years, the industry has made it increasingly easier for consumers to enjoy CBD in concentrated form. In fact, our very own CBD Colorado Springs and Pueblo operation offers an eclectic mix of concentrates. What is CBD concentrate? Here are the basics: CBD concentrate is high potency cannabidiol extracted from the hemp plant. Think of it in relation to other terms you’ve heard branded as “high concentrate” such as juices. Typically, a high concentrate represents the most potent mixture before dilution. CBD concentrate exists in the same vein. If you want the purest, most powerful option, you’ll likely want to invest in concentrates. 

At Terry’s Naturals, we currently offer different types of concentrates: dabs, isolate and isolate powder. Although each of these products features high concentration, they vary slightly in how they operate.