North Spore – Cordyceps Tincture


Naturally boost energy and endurance with this potent, dual-extracted cordyceps mushroom tincture. Often referred to as the “Olympic mushroom,” cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) has traditionally been used to help sustain energy and boost vitality. In recent studies, it has been shown to enhance physical performance and athletic recovery due to the presence of adenosine and cordycepin. These bioactive compounds have been found to help increase the body’s natural production of ATP, the energy-carrying molecule in our cells. North Spore’s tinctures are crafted from concentrated organic mushroom extracts made from 100% fruiting bodies and sclerotia. Their double extraction method ensures that their tinctures pack exponentially more of the active compounds found in each species, and the finished extracts are tested for purity and compound content before being bottled.