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Looking for a portable CBD option that you can take with you and consume just about anywhere? Then edibles are certainly the best choice for you! Not everyone likes or wants to use CBD in the form of oils, ointments, creams, vaporizers, or other products. Some individuals prefer a simpler version of consumption that has been reported to be just as, if not more, effective for them. CBD edibles and gummies come in all types of shapes, sizes, flavors, strengths, and specific uses. However, those who are fairly new to CBD in general might be unaware of what edibles are all about, or how they came to exist in the first place, so let’s set the record straight on a few key points regarding these yummy little treats!

Believe it or not, CBD usage has been documented as far back as 2737 BC when Chinese emperors would drink tea infused with components of the cannabis plant, and since CBD is contained within part of the cannabis plant, one could easily say that the first known consumption of CBD was quite popular! The tea was suggested to be able to aid in the recovery of malaria, pain, memory loss, and even the prevention of fatal wounds! Obviously today we know that CBD is more of a pain reliever, relaxing agent, and inflammation treater, but back then the sky was the limit on the belief of what certain plants, and drugs were capable of. CBD itself wasn’t officially discovered until the 1940’s by a man named Roger Adams. It would take a little while longer for knowledge and technology to advance enough to a point where ingenuity and innovation could team up and get creative with how to ingest CBD. The only real problems with edibles is that determining the right dosage for you is going to be a trial and error process until you get it right. When it comes to edibles, always remember one simple rule – you can always eat more…you can never eat less. Slowly work your way up to a feeling that is comfortable for you and adjust from there. Your metabolism will pay a huge factor in how quickly the CBD sets in and how much you need to consume to feel the desired effects.

Edibles are essentially any ingestible source of CBD that require nothing other than digestion in order to active its active ingredients and compounds. CBD edibles are increasingly becoming a popular choice for most folks because they are much more discreet than their smokable relatives, and nonsmokers definitely prefer a smokeless variant of CBD that won’t linger in their homes. They have become a favorite option for just about everyone who uses CBD, because they are easy to use, taste delicious, and can be taken anywhere if you’re constantly on the go. Since they are an ingestible source of CBD, you can take them before, during, or after a meal. You can also consume them by themselves for a quick, sweet treat. Products like these are essential to individuals who might need to have CBD handy while they’re working or traveling, but don’t have the ability to use a body product like a cream, or a smoking product like a vape cartridge. The characteristics and properties of edible CBD products are based on one of two possible categories that the particular product falls under:

  • CBD/THC Balanced – These edibles have equal, or mostly equal, components of THC and CBD. THC is the primary ingredient in the cannabis plant that produces a “high” feeling when consumed. Its psychoactive properties can certainly result in beneficial results for the user, but trace amounts of THC will possibly show up on certain drug tests. For this reason, consumers should be cautious when using these products if their employer has a drug policy that can punish them for having THC in their system.
  • CBD Dominant – These products are exactly what they sound like – CBD edibles that are comprised of only, or mostly, CBD. Gummies that fall under this category are the safer option for those working for a business that has a zero tolerance policy on THC being found in their system. However, they may not be as “strong” as edibles with a more evenly displaced amount of THC and CBD in them. Always verify that you’re purchasing your edibles from a verified source so that you know you’re getting the highest quality and safest products available on the market for consumption.

CBD edible products have been used for centuries by just about everyone! Certain teas, common foods, and now even gummy treats can be infused with CBD to bring a powerhouse of much needed health benefits. With such a simple design and ease of use, edibles have become the premier option for those looking to keep their CBD journey and treatment as simple as possible. Gone are the days of having to go somewhere so you can vape your CBD cartridge away from coworkers, or slip off to the bathroom to apply a cream. You can pop a couple of these bad boys in regardless of the environment you’re in and quickly enjoy their properties!

Even though edible CBD products are often touted as being one of the safest ways to enjoy CBD, you should still talk to your local doctor or physician before purchasing or consuming edibles. Most people have absolutely no problems with ingesting CBD, but ensuring that your body can healthily consume CBD is crucial to your health and safety. A quick visit with your doctor is all it will take for a short conversation to determine if such products are right for you. We’re confident that you’ll get a green light for our products, and then you’ll be free to take these gummies with you wherever you go. So if you’ve got a vacation coming up, or if you just like to be prepared for anything life throws your way while at work, then take a look at Terry’s Natural Market for all your CBD edible needs!

CBD edibles and drinks are fairly new to the world of CBD manufacturing. They’ve become increasingly popular especially with “on-the-go” types of products. CBD’s natural properties, with their immense delivery options, make them ideal.

CBD edibles come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and flavors. We offer many delicious, simple, and inconspicuous ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD on the run.