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Is CBD Oil Legal in Colorado? Dispelling Common Misconceptions

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We often yield questions regarding the safety of CBD. To be clear, all of the products sold at Terry’s Naturals are safe. Our CBD products are safe, our oils are safe, and our herbs are safe. Despite the evolving discourse surrounding CBD and the other products we sell, many of them have been used in the human timeline for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Nonetheless, we take extra precautions, to ensure that every product you receive is natural, safe, and ethically constructed. 

As for the question of legality, CBD is completely legal both at the local and federal levels. You can legally purchase CBD in Colorado, in addition to any of the United States. The same goes for our herbs and oils. None of the products that we manufacture have any psychoactive effects and will not cause any level of intoxication period. Given CBD’s shared heritage with cannabis, people often understandably misconstrue how it interacts with the body. Needless to say, CBD lacks the essential ingredient of THC needed to procure any sort of psychoactive effect. While some full-spectrum CBDs may implement trace amounts of THC, the amount used is so microscopic, there’s no chance for psychoactive effects.   

While medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, this has no bearing on the manufacturing of CBD. CBD is created the exact same whether it comes from a state where marijuana is legal, or not. Although, we do proudly attest that our Pueblo and Colorado Springs CBD is bar-none the best available. 

  Another common misconception of CBD is that it must be ingested in one way, orally. While this route is certainly available for those who prefer it, our goal at Terry’s Naturals is to uphold an inventory that reflects the diverse needs of our clientele. Many of our selections are strictly tactile and require little to no effort from the consumer to enjoy. How you choose to implement your CBD products is entirely a matter of preference. We offer flavored tinctures, oils, dabs, and isolates. In addition, our inventory includes a section of enticing edibles and beverages, providing the perfect on-the-go solution for those with busy lives.  

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Each of our products has been manufactured and tested to reflect optimal quality and work effectively in all their forms. As is true with any prolonged research and extended manufacturing, we continuously stay informed on how best to create exceptional, cutting-edge products. For now, Terry’s Naturals is committed to providing customers with products unlike any other. Professional, safe, and relentlessly ambitious, we continue to procure only the finest in CBD, herbs, and oils.