Proleve Pet Tincture 500 MG


Each 30 mL tincture bottle contains 500mg of the finest hemp-derived full spectrum CBD oil. Every bottle contains two simple ingredients; premium CBD oil from hemp and MCT oil from coconuts. All natural, organic, non-GMO and gluten free. *Contains less than 0.3% THC*

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The perfect way to get your pet the CBD oil they need! Each 30 mL bottle contains 500mg of hemp derived full spectrum and easy-to use dropper. Simply place a few drops under your pet’s tongue throughout the day and watch them reap the benefits.

See the difference Proleve CBD makes. Every tincture contains two simple ingredients that are all natural, organic and non-GMO – not to mention gluten free! CBD oil from hemp and MCT oil from coconuts are what your pet will get and nothing else. Some wonder about the pros and cons of CBD oil for dogs and cats–we can’t speak for other brands, but we’re confident that you will only see pros when it comes to using Proleve. CBD oil for pets can alleviate many nuisances for both the pet and pet owner. Is your animal destructive or unusually upset when you leave the hosue? CBD oil may be just the right thing to put their minds and chewing at ease!

Every tincture of our pure extract is proudly made from only premium quality sources with an emphasis on purity for your peace of mind as well as ours; we know you want nothing but excellence when it comes to your pet, so why trust anything less than what’s best?


Premium CBD oil from hemp and MCT oil from coconuts

How Should I Store My Pet’s CBD?

While refrigeration is not required, we do recommend avoiding extreme cold or heat and keeping all CBD products at room temperature. Please ensure this product is stored where animals and children cannot reach.


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