Lemon Essential Oil


The Citrus limon is an evergreen with deep green, shiny foliage. Its fruit is used in cuisine throughout the world. Our lemon oil is cold pressed from the peel of Italian lemons.

Botanical Name: Citrus limon
Country of Origin: Italy
Extraction Method: Cold expression
Plant Part: Fruit Peel Aromatic
Scent: strong citrus scent
Blends Well With: Bergamot, Lime, Orange, Mandarin



Lemon oil is a natural purifier, invigorating and refreshing. It will have you feeling ready for anything with its cleansing properties! Shop our best-selling Lemon oil today.

Lemon has always been a staple of the home – it cleans surfaces, purifies air and water. Add some lemon essential oil to your cooking or baking for an invigorating boost! When taken internally or diffused throughout the house Lemon can provide many benefits including digestive support.


Botanical Name: Citrus limon

Origin: Italy

Extraction: Cold expression

Plant Part: Fruit Peel Aromatic

Aromas: strong citrus scent

Blends Well With: Mandarin, Lime, Orange, Bergamot


– Lemon oil, one of the most versatile cooking ingredients around, is also an excellent cleaning agent. Use it to clean tables or countertops with just water and a spray bottle. You can even add some lemon juice for extra-power when you’re doing housekeeping –no more stubborn scrubbing necessary! For those who love their furniture but want protectings that lasts longer simply mix up equal parts lemon essential oil with water (or olive oil) then apply as needed; this will keep your beautiful hardwood finish glossy without leaving behind any harmful chemicals which could damage sensitive skin.

– To keep your leather goods looking fresh, use a cloth soaked in Lemon oil to dust and protect it.

– Lemon oil is a great remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver and other metals

– Diffusing the room with this essential oil will create an uplifting and calm environment