Koi CBD 500 MG Facial Cleanser (100ML 3.3FL OZ)


Designed for soothing and smoothing, Koi Facial Cleanser is an easy and natural way to achieve clean, healthy, and beautiful skin. Infused with a potent variety of essential oils and all-natural hemp extract containing 500 mg of CBD, Koi Facial Cleanser helps to soothe skin irritations, exfoliate dead cells, and promote naturally occurring proteins like collagen. Experience this refreshingly mild cleanser for yourself, and rebalance your facial skin naturally.



Koi CBD has designed a skin care routine to help you achieve clean, healthy and beautiful skin. Not sure where to start with a CBD skin care routing? The perfect way to start out could be with the help of Koi Skincare! Infused with natural ingredients such as all-natural hemp extract containing 500 mgs of CBD per serving (about 2 tablespoons) this facial cleanser helps sooth irritations on contact while exfoliating dead cells from pores that may cause blackheads or white heads.


  • 100 mL (3.38 fl oz) of cleanser that’s infused with hemp extract containing 500 mg of naturally-occurring CBD
  • Mild enough for the skin of the face, soothing effect, and biodegradable, this cleanser promotes the elasticity of skin and helps it look and feel soft and supple.
  • Salicylic Acid is a fantastic exfoliator that helps remove bacteria and contaminants from the skin
  • Made with apple amino acids, this product nourishes and smooths the appearance of fine lines
  • Papaya fruit ferment extract is an ingredient that promotes healthy and balanced microflora
  • Laminaria extract is a natural way to nourish, protect and beautify the skin. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that work together in order keep your cells healthy while also helping them fight against free radicals.
  • Get a highly concentrated dose of Vitamin C with the Kakadu Plum Extract that’s contained within this cleanser
  • The appearance of wrinkles and age spots can be reduced with regular use


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