Adventure CBD Bath Salts


It’s been a long day and what better way to unwind than a bath? A bath with CBD! These CBD Bath Salts come in lavender or peppermint scent, are THC free, and contain 200mg of CBD per container. You’ll be left feeling relaxed and calm.

At Adventure CBD, all CBD products are made from scratch in our state-of the art, sanitary kitchen. The staff measures ingredients carefully so each product contains only what’s labeled on it – no cross contamination with other brands! All components are refrigerated properly for freshness and there is never any stockpiling because CBD can lose its potency over time.

This product contains zero THC because it’s made with CBD isolate. We offer many other products in our store that do contain full-spectrum CBD, which has trace amounts of THC–less than 0.3%. You can rest assured that this product will not give you any sort of “high” feeling or cause you to fail a drug test.

Some may be wondering if the CBD contained within this product is legal. The answer is yes, these products are legal. The US government has made CBD illegal if it contains more than 0.3% THC but this one doesn’t because the percentage is at zero! These meet federal regulations and that makes them good to go for use in your everyday life without worry.

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